Review of Hotel B Lima

Peru? Who would have known its greatness? At the time, I certainly didn’t. If you asked me two years ago about going, I would have said no thanks. Today, I am nothing but thoroughly impressed. This was my third trip to Peru and second trip to Lima. Even with that, I am ready to go back again. If you haven’t been, I strongly urge you to take note. Here, I am going to discuss the hotel I stayed at in the Barranco region of Lima. Previously, I stayed at Atemporal hotel in the Miraflores region of Lima. I was so happy with my stay at Atemporal, I was ready to book it again. When I went to search, I found that it was booked the weekend of my trip. Ultimately, I think this was a good thing. I branched out to look into other options. This particular time, I narrowed my search to the Country Club Lima Hotel and Hotel B. When I checked Hotel B rates the year prior, the price was high. This time the rates were much more reasonable. Our room was just over $200/night and included breakfast. Sign me up! Take location into consideration when you make your decision about where to stay. Barranco district is further south (further from the airport) and not as close to some of the touristy sights.

Hotel B is a boutique hotel/two story mansion located within walking distance of the coast. It was originally built in 1914 by a French architect. The decor inside is really gorgeous from the lobby to inner courtyard where they serve breakfast. There is also unique artwork adorning all of the hallways. Oddly enough, the same award winning design team is behind Hotel B, Atemporal, and another Relais and Chateaux property called Titilaka. Although I have not stayed at Titilaka, I would trust its greatness considering the other properties.

Upon arrival, we were offered a glass of sparkling wine and personally escorted to our room (one of seventeen total). The location of our room allowed us to take the elevator or the glass spiral staircase. Since we chose the small queen, it wasn’t overly spacious, but the bathroom was rather large with a walk in shower and pleasant smelling bath products specifically made for the hotel. I really enjoyed some of the understated, unique touches that set them apart like the black necktie left on our bed aka the “do not disturb” sign. Next to this was a poem by Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken), which I enjoyed reading prior to bed. There was bottled water at our bedside and a book of all the Relais and Chateaux properties, which provided some serious travel inspiration.

The bar at Hotel B is a place that I enjoyed a cocktail the last time I was in Peru. It was a great experience, so that was my first stop after check in. They have several tiki style cocktails and also their specialty, the gin and tonic, served up in a tall large glass. Even those not a fan of the gin and tonic could be lured in by their presentation. The dark wood in the bar really provides a fantastic atmosphere and a seat at the bar allows you to watch all of the cocktails being made, which I always love.

Perhaps what I enjoyed the most was the breakfast the next morning along with an afternoon tea service. In the morning, I had a fresh vegetable and egg white omelette. They allow you to order off the menu in addition to a lavish buffet style spread. It was fantastic! Their afternoon tea was just as wonderful. There were small finger foods including sandwiches and desserts along with tea. Needless to say, for better or worse, we spent a lot of time in the hotel.

The hotel arranged a car transport for us to and from the airport. This proved to work out very well for us. The rate is more than an Uber, but they were very reliable waiting with a sign at the airport, clean car, and friendly driver. The morning we left, our flight was very early in the morning before their restaurant opened for breakfast. Since the hotel is small, they had packed a “to go” breakfast, which I thought exemplified their great service. It was waiting for us at the desk upon check out.

Although I thought Atemporal hotel was fantastic, Hotel B also had me thoroughly impressed. Both hotels added so much to the experience in Lima. It was more than just a place to stay. The small size allowed for a really personalized experience that was lovely. I would without hesitation recommend both hotels and stay at either again on a return visit to Lima.

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