Old World Elegance: Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Le Chateau Frontenac exudes old world elegance. If you see photos of Quebec City, chances are one of them will contain the iconic property situated on the boardwalk in Old Quebec. In Canada, the Fairmont properties really lure you in with their charm and grandiosity. The Chateau Frontenac is no exception. The property serves as a great location to start exploring this fantastic city. This post contains all of the details you will need to help you book your stay.

I happened to try two different room types on this stay due to use of a suite night upgrade. There were definitely some differences between the two that I will outline below. The first two nights, I stayed in a Gold suite, which was located on the 14th floor. Their lounge is also situated on the 14th floor with great panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River on one side and parliament/city on the other. The Gold lounge is open daily from 7am to 10pm. Some of the perks to staying with Gold are access to beverages during the day like water and sodas. In the morning, a breakfast buffet is served from 7am to 11am. The spread included some warm food like eggs, bacon, and sausage. They also had smoked salmon, meats, cheese, fruit, and an assortment of breads/pastries. A server will bring a drink of your choice. Personally, I thought they served a really nice iced vanilla coffee. In the afternoon, snacks are served again from 5-7pm with both hot and cold items. Alcohol is not included in the price with Gold, but they do serve wine and cocktails in the lounge.

My room on the gold floor was classically appointed. The room was quite spacious and faced the Parliament building. The bathroom was probably the most disappointing part of the room due to its small size. The vanity included a single sink directly adjacent to the toilet. There was not much room to place toiletries, etc. The room only contained a shower; although, I did find the shower head to be nice. The bedding was plush and very comfortable. Fairmont always provides slippers and robes, but I did find this robe particularly thick and high quality. Overall, I felt the only major downside to this room was the small bathroom.

The last night of my stay, I used a suite upgrade provided by Accor for having platinum status. I decided upon the Frontenac Suite , which was the largest room offered as a suite upgrade. The room was much larger than the gold room with a living room with three windows looking out onto the boardwalk. This suite seemed to only be located on lower floors, so I moved from floor 14 down to floor 3. There was a mantle in the living room but no working fireplace. Surprisingly, this bathroom was also disappointingly small. The shower was about the same size and contained a rain shower head. The bathroom was slightly larger and configured a little different, but I found it to be frustratingly small compared to the size of the suite. In the bedroom, I found that the bedding was not quite as comfortable as the gold room. The other item that wasn’t quite as luxurious was the robe. The robes in the Gold room were heavy and soft. This robe was thinner fabric and just not as comfortable on the skin.

There are a number of amenities available to guests. The sixth floor contains the majority of them such as the gym, pool, and moments spa. The pool is indoor and rather small for the sheer size of the property. It would be quite nice on a warm day as there are a number of cabanas on their outdoor terrace directly adjacent to the gym. Just down the hall you will find the gym. There is plenty of cardiac and weight equipment available. I did not sign up for any spa experiences on this particular stay.

Fairmont properties are almost always well equipped with bars and restaurants, particularly their larger hotels. Their Bar 1608 on the lobby floor has modern decor and an innovative one page cocktail menu. I found the Fanta Barbara to be a great drink. If you like mezcal, this drink is definitely worth a try. Directly adjacent to the bar are two of the hotels restaurants. If you are looking for a cocktail and Bar 1608 is full, you may want to consider the bar at Sam Bistro next door. In the morning, there is a Starbucks on the ground floor for your morning coffee. However, there are plenty of local coffee shops within walking distance likely more worthy of a try.

As an overview, I felt the Gold floor was a great value for your dollar. The bedding was luxurious and the lounge is a great way to spend some of your time in Quebec. I found their suite to not be worth the price of admission. You also no longer have access to the Gold floor lounge. Bar 1608 serves great cocktails if you are looking for a nightcap. The Fairmont is an iconic, bustling property that is full of life and in a great located in Old Quebec. Even a long weekend allows enough time to explore the city.

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