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Hi, I'm Megan

Welcome to the travelabstract.  My name is Megan.  Travel has always been a passion of mine, so I am in a constant pursuit of my next adventure.  Unlike those brave individuals that have quit their jobs to travel the world, I still work full time and travel part time.  Realistically, I would be far too scared to make such a bold move.  However, my belief is that I have created a perfect balance of enjoying my weekends and time off, while still being present for my full time job. 

Currently, I work 36 hours a week and utilize weekends and 5 weeks of vacation to fit in as many experiences as possible.  While not everyone may have my schedule, I share trips of various lengths and how I thought they worked for me given time limitations.  For me, the travel to the location is part of the experience, so I have spent long hours on a flight only to spend one day at my destination.  While some may find this crazy, it has afforded me so many new experiences by being willing and flexible.

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Prior to 2017, my thought was that I had traveled a fair amount and knew some tricks along the way. Looking back laughing, I feel like my knowledge has definitely grown. My ideas may not be novel to some, but I strive to pass along everything from packing tips, restaurant recommendations, hotel reviews, airline/airport tips, places to shop, great tourist sites, and hiking ideas where appropriate. I will pass along what worked for me and what did not. Sometimes just the little things make a big difference.

As I read a lot of scientific articles, my favorite part is the abstract. I feel like it allows me all the major points without boring myself reading the entire paper. That is the goal of my blog. I want to help others have an abstract that allows them to gain knowledge that I learned while planning and experiencing. My posts contain everything from luxury hotels and award winning restaurants to spending four nights in a tent hiking the Andes in Peru. I will share some of my costs to help others gain insight. Hopefully, there is something there for everyone. With every trip, I am learning how to maximize my money and gain the most benefits. Please share any thoughts or comments you might have.

I do take all of my photos with either my iPhone or a Nikon D3400. My objective is to capture a fair representation and showcase my best photos. I strive not to do a lot of enhancement to the photos. This sometimes means they may not be the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen. Sometimes it is raining, cloudy, or just terrible looking outside. On those days, I still want to take photographs so people can put a visual with my descriptions. In the end, I want the content to be helpful and applicable to those traveling or wanting to travel more. For the longest time, I did not have the time to travel and trips were few and far between. Only now do I realize that I never should have waited so long to explore.