Hotel Review SO / Berlin Das Stue

The SO/ Hotels & Resorts are an Accor brand to be on the lookout for. If their location in Berlin is any indication of their other hotels, my interest has peaked. It is hopefully great foreshadowing of the many properties slated to open in the upcoming years. Honestly, it was a little difficult making a decision about our hotel stay in Berlin. The options are plentiful. Ultimately, I decided on the SO / Berlin Das Stue because it is on the list of Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts. As I mentioned, it also is a member of Accor hotel group, which has a loyalty program. Regardless of how I came to the decision, I would encourage you to consider this hotel on a stay in Berlin.

The quirkiness of the room was certainly worthy of reminiscing. If you are looking for its location, the Berlin Zoo is its backyard. To this tune, they even have their own private zoo entrance! The feel of the hotel was intimate. There weren’t people everywhere. The luxuriousness was palpable, but could perhaps be better described as an understated sophistication. The decor is modern, yet eclectic. They have a three story library with a large grand staircase. It was just one of the many notable design features. Our check in service was top of the line. We were offered a cold black tea topped with gold chocolate pearls and mandarin foam that made me re-think why I don’t actually drink tea. It was undeniably tasty.

After check in, we were personally escorted to our room, which was waiting with a fruit plate and a bottle each of still / sparkling water. The room functions were very modern with button controlled lighting/climate control and an extensive amenities kit with toothpaste, mouthwash, and even a wooden comb! In the closet, we found plush robes and cute slippers with elephants reminding us of the zoo in the “backyard.” We booked their smallest room, the SO Stue room, but through Amex we were upgraded to the SO Embassy room. The room provided more than enough space with the bathroom being perhaps the most interesting. The all white cabinetry with a large sliding mirror allowed for more or less bathroom privacy dependent upon your preference.

Included as part of fine hotels and resorts, we received a $100 room credit which we enjoyed downstairs at their bar. A breakfast was provided for two each day of our stay. The breakfast buffet I thought was really incredible. There was a cheese plate, smoked salmon, an assortment of spreads, rolls, croissants with various fillings baked inside, cauliflower salad, and the list goes on. Last but not least, there were a number of drinks and smoothies. Most importantly, there were bottles of champagne sitting out for you to serve yourself. Anytime I can serve myself multiple glasses of champagne at brunch, I know it is going to be a great day!

The cocktail bar served up a list of unique cocktails. I tried the salted caramel cocktail and the pink unicorn. They were both as fanciful as they sound. The bar stays open late, which seemed to be guest dependent. The evenings that we were there people were always trickling in fairly late. We used the remainder of our $100 room credit taking a couple of items from the minibar. The choices were far from generic. We took a Broderick’s bar and an energy drink I have never seen before. I have tried Broderick’s items before and they are fantastic … albeit a little hard to come across. The energy drink was very different in a good way. I am not usually one for taking items from the minibar, but this minibar is one that you might want to raid.


I will say that a stay at the SO / Berlin Das Stue and the shopping scene in Berlin could easily entice me back again. Exploring more into the SO/ brand and their lifestyle luxury hotels, I don’t see this being my last stay with this Accor brand. In a world where many hotels look the same, they stand out. I am excited to see more.

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