a guide to franciacorta

A Guide to Franciacorta Wine Region

Where in the world is Franciacorta? This is one hidden gem that you really have to dig around to find. Franciacorta could easily conjure up comparisons to Napa and Sonoma. The best qualities it possesses set it apart. It is private, romantic, laid back, and a very well kept secret. When researching day trips from Milan, there are really endless options to choose from. I highly suggest you keep it on the list of possibilities. It is a region gaining popularity for its method of producing sparkling wine different from champagne’s metodo classico. As I am a huge fan of champagne, the more research I did on the area, the more this seemed like the perfect stop on our trip.

There is not a never ending wealth of information available for planning, which I suppose was part of the intrigue. I did my homework reading every article I could find describing how to treat a visit to this region. Now, I am happy to provide you with my view and take on the area. Below, I will include information on our hotel, food options, and things to do. I will also talk about how to get there and traveling around the area.

Logistics: I was not crazy about the idea of renting a car from Milan. Therefore, I researched options for avoiding this including taking the train, mydaytrip, and finally an airport transfer provided by the hotel. Of course, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The train is more cost effective, but it does not take you directly to Franciacorta, leaving you with arranging a hotel pick up from the train station. My day trip does not include Franciacorta when looking up prices, so you have to make a request online for this region. My day trip can get rather costly if you utilize it both ways. L’Albereta does offer an airport transfer when booking the hotel. We considered this as an option, but then you are really “stuck” at the hotel and forced to have them provide other transfers. In the end, we decided to rent a car. I feel you almost have to if you want to explore this area the most effectively. This also kept the cost down and gives more freedom. The driving in the Franciacorta region itself was relatively stress free and there was little to nothing in the way of traffic.

Travel Planning Tip

You do have to get an international driving permit when traveling to Italy and renting a car. If you are a AAA member, you can have this accomplished with a very quick stop to their nearest location. I was in and out with the permit in hand within a matter of about 15 minutes. There is also the option to fill out your application online and mail it in.

STAY: L’Albereta

In my search for hotels, L’Albereta came up time and time again. Staying here really was a fantastic decision. On their website, there were many packages offered for the stay that we were considering. This seems to be seasonal. We decided to not make any additional add ons; however, this is when they offer the option to include an airport transfer.

We decided to stay in the Superior Room. The room was very spacious with a small sitting area and also large bathroom. The view we had was not anything spectacular. Upon exploring the property more, you can see that many of the rooms have an absolutely incredible view of Lake Iseo. If this is important to you, I suggest making the request at the time of booking.

The property itself is gorgeous and much larger than it appears. Make sure that you take the time to walk around and take advantage of all it has to offer. They have a wonderful spa that offers an indoor and outdoor pool for relaxing. In the evening, we sat by the indoor pool and went to the sauna and steam room.

The service at the hotel was also top notch. I emailed them many times prior to making our reservation, and also after, to schedule visits to the wineries. They facilitated all of this and always replied in a timely manner. Thanks to L’Albereta we visited Berlucchi winery and the following day Bersi Serlini. L’Albereta made us a reservation at Due Colombe for dinner as well. If you are in Franciacorta, I do not see a reason to stay anywhere else. You will not regret your decision.

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