Unforgettable Lefay Resort Lake Garda

Never have I ever stayed at a resort like LaFay. The scenery is jaw dropping. When I look at the photos now, I am still astounded. A native of Northern Italy recommended that we visit Sirmione, Verona, and Lake Garda while we were in the Milan area. While doing research online, I thankfully stumbled across LaFay Resort. This turned out to be an unforgettable discovery. It is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Sirmione town. They actually have two locations: Lake Garda and Dolomites. LaFay Lake Garda is a little bit “off the beaten path” but was undoubtably worth the visit. If you are looking for a secluded haven and are in need of some relaxation, this is absolutely the place for you. Since our stay, I have now taken note of several individuals posting on Instagram from their location in the Dolomites.

I traveled to LaFay in November, and the weather was actually beautiful on my stay. However, I feel that this could have potentially gone in a drastically different direction. It is most convenient to have a car for traveling to the resort, and I would suggest confining your visit to a time in which you do not run the risk of snow. The winding road up to the resort would be treacherous with snow. Maybe I am a “scaredy cat”, but this road even during a heavy rain seemed like it could get dangerous. It is definitely driving that I am not used to in the United States. Once you arrive, it is nice to find they have a covered garage with complimentary valet parking. Without a car, the hotel will arrange private transfers if needed. They also offer a free shuttle from Gargnano, which their website describes as being subject to availability.

Once you reach a certain point in your drive, you will see signs indicating the route to the resort. It is literally up the side of a mountain. When driving to the top, it seemed like we would never get there! However, once you reach the gate to the resort, you realize it will be a very special experience. We were greeted warmly and offered a refreshing non alcoholic drink to enjoy in the bar after we checked in. Make sure you walk outside the doors adjacent to the bar and onto the patio to take in the views! These surroundings sure made me feel like I was on the precipice of greatness. Next was a tour of the property before being escorted to our room. The room we had was very spacious with a beautiful view. I’d be shocked if there was a bad view in the entire resort. There was a separate shower and bathtub with plenty of room. The bathroom has a large window that allows you to sit in the tub and look into the bedroom.

Dependent upon your needs, I felt that 1-2 days here was adequate to explore the property and have a fantastic experience. We stayed just one night, and I felt satisfied that we were able to enjoy the vast majority of what the spa/resort had to offer. In your room, you will find robes and tote bags available to change into prior to heading to the spa. Rules dictate you must start by taking a shower, then you are able to enjoy all the spa has to offer. I started with the three different temperature saunas. There is also a polar plunge, turkish hamman, and steam room. In this area, you will also find relaxation areas that are dimly lit where you can sit in serenity enjoying the quiet atmosphere.

There is a rather large outdoor lap style pool that you can see in some of my photos. Due to the temperature outside, this is not something we were able to utilize during our stay. In other photos, you will see their indoor/outdoor salt water pool. This pool was one of my favorites. We enjoyed it after dark, and it was so relaxing and peaceful to be out in the warm water during evening time. During the day, it would make for an incredible view. Some of the sauna features close at 7:30pm and the remainder at 8pm. If you are staying only for one evening, plan to arrive early enough to take advantage of these amenities prior to closing.

LaFay does offer a full spa and wellness packages in addition to the free amenities listed above. This was not something that we took advantage of, but the majority of their spa information and services can be found online. If you plan to stay for more than one day, it may be worthwhile to look into what they provide. There is a rather large fitness center that looks at the outdoor pool with views over the mountainside. Also, the park outside offers a running and fitness trail.

In regards to food options, we enjoyed a fantastic buffet style breakfast, which was included in the price of our stay. The views overlooking the mountainside are spectacular if you secure a table by the window. There was an abundant spread of eggs, cheeses, meats, a juicer to make your own morning drink, breads, etc. They also had sparkling wine available. One of the best parts of breakfast was they allow you to come in your robe and slippers. I thought this was a fun bonus and something many places do not typically allow. This same restaurant is where we had dinner the evening before. When we came in, the resort seemed rather isolated and we wanted the comfort of walking to dinner. I was not disappointed with the food options they offered. They do include a page of healthy and “lighter” options along with a very extensive menu of other choices. It was a wonderful meal. Following dinner, we went to the bar adjacent to the lobby for a nightcap. I enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine from the nearby Franciacorta region. For those interested, they also have a cigar bar.

To date, LaFay absolutely makes my list of all time favorites. I would dare to say this place is possibly my number one. The views from the property are beyond stunning. This place really is unforgettable.

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