things to see in palm springs

Things to See in Palm Springs

To a certain degree, Palm Springs remains ummutable yet time continues to pass by. From the allure of Frank Sinatra’s old home to the retro chic hotels and backdrops, the glamour has most definitely not been lost. The mid century modern vibes remain alive and well. This article is really here to serve as a springboard for how to spend a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. We made the weekend a road trip and drove from San Diego to Palm Springs. I have included things in our itinerary that were in and around the area. It is just one of those places that never gets old.

1. Visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs. What could be better on a trip to Palm Springs than the drive through at In-N-Out Burger and a stop to pose with the Cabazon Dinosaurs? Sounds like the perfect start to a weekend. I just couldn’t resist. They are by no means a showstopper, but they are a little bit of excitement along the way.

2. Drive by Frank Sinatra’s House. The retro vibe at The Parker prompted me to turn Frank Sinatra on Pandora. The desert oasis surrounding us conjured up images of the Rat Pack retreating to Palm Springs themselves for a weekend getaway from Vegas. We drove by the home of Frank Sinatra and in a google search discovered that you can actually rent the home for parties or an overnight stay.

View from Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

3. Take a trip on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and enjoy the views from the top. This is the world’s largest rotating tram car. It is a steep ride up and actually moves rather quickly. You can admire views of the Coachella Valley, and they were a sight to behold. In my experience, I think it is best to arrive early in the morning. We went first thing in the morning and by the time we took the bus from the lower parking lot to the top, the lines were getting quite long. Once we purchased our tram ticket, we had a 40 minute wait before our car left. There is plenty to do in the main building including a museum and snack bar. Keep in mind that the temperature may be scorching at the bottom, but the temperatures at the top are rather drastically lower. Bring a light jacket during the summer time.

4. Hike at San Jacinto State Park. At the top of the aerial tramway is the San Jacinto State Park. If you want to just relax, then get food and drink from the restaurant at the top. A number of people riding to the top seemed outfitted for a hike. We did the easiest hike at the top which was about a 1.5 mile trip with views of the Coachella Valley. I arrived completely unprepared for this, as I did not do my research. My clothing of a skirt and sandals was not conducive to hiking, but I was able to make the 1.5 mile hike without any problems. The scenery at the top is simply beautiful.

5. Take a detour to Joshua Tree. While in the area, I couldn’t resist a visit to Joshua Tree. I understand that people oftentimes spend a lot of time in Joshua Tree. We made this an abbreviated visit spanning a few hours one afternoon. The drive from Palm Springs or The Parker hotel to be more specific is about 40 miles. Once we entered the park grounds, we starting driving to the “exhibits”. After stopping at the first several exhibits, we were able to view the scenery and all of the Joshua Trees. I let this be my introduction to the park with hopefully another visit in the future.

things to see in palm springs
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