Is the Retreat Spa worth it?

For me, that answer was a resounding yes. That opinion, of course, I will let you formulate yourself. I read and heard mixed reviews on the Blue Lagoon. Friends told me they were glad they did it, others said they didn’t enjoy it. I will give you my own experience and hopefully help you to make an informed decision. I did my research and found out that Blue Lagoon tickets have to be purchased in advance. After nearly missing out on the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam, I did my homework this time. There are different types of admission including Comfort, Premium, and Retreat Spa. I purchased tickets for the Retreat Spa about three months in advance. The Retreat Spa only allows in 12 guests per time slot. There were times already sold out when I purchased the tickets for roughly $300. For reference, premium admission was about $180 per person the same day. If you go to, you can explore the differences between the comfort, premium, and retreat spa access.

Here is a glimpse of what the Retreat Spa is like. They do not allow photos within the actual Spa, which was disappointing. We arrived a few minutes late for our 13:00 check in. Our changing room was not ready even though we arrived late. Initially, I was pretty upset to hear this. However, they allowed us a free drink of our choice (champagne please!) and promised us the full four hours in the spa. I was happy with their service and that they immediately rectified the situation.

Once your room is available, they will escort you to a private changing room stocked with new products. You must shower prior to entering the lagoon, and you can leave all your personal items here. The room included a dual vanity, robes, and two separate shower heads with Blue Lagoon products to sample. The toilets were separate. There is the opportunity to sign up for additional treatments in advance. I did not have anything planned and felt that the Spa itself kept me more than entertained for the four hours. I probably could have spent even longer.

There is a lava spring room, fireplace, steam room, sauna, viewing platform (an amazing view looking over the entire blue lagoon), ritual, nesting area, and not to mention the retreat lagoon itself. So, this leaves the opportunity for relaxation along with more interactive things like the ritual. In the ritual, you cover your body with silica, algae, and finally minerals. In many of the Blue Lagoon photos, you will recognize the white silica on the face and body. This retreat lagoon includes the other elements algae and minerals and is in a really cool setting (almost like a cave). Also, keep in mind it is rather private because of the low number of people admitted per hour. I thought this was amazing, especially after looking off the viewing platform and seeing how many people were in the regular Blue Lagoon. While you are there, one free drink is provided per person. You can sip champagne (and a number of other drinks) anywhere you’d like. We enjoyed our champagne in the lagoon itself.

The entrance to the Retreat Spa is completely separate from the main Blue Lagoon. We walked over to the main entrance when we checked out of the Retreat Spa. I purchased some products in their store that I was able to sample earlier in the day. Seeing the crowds when we walked to the main entrance made me even happier with my decision to spend the extra money on the Retreat Spa. Initially, when I looked from the viewing platform I was questioning whether in some way I was missing out on the real experience. The minute I opened the door and saw the crowds and lines those thoughts evaporated.

Decide for yourself what you want out of the experience. Do you simply want to say you’ve been there? Or, do you want to relax, enjoy, and linger? If you choose the latter, go to the Retreat Spa. There was no regret in my decision.

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