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Nothing can get me out of the bed in the morning like the prospect of a day filled with shopping. So, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to go shopping in Hong Kong. In this post, I am going to share with you all of the shopping destinations that I made it to on our trip and my favorites. On our five day trip, I spent a full two days shopping. As silly as it may sound, trying to shop in Hong Kong can be very overwhelming. The malls are massive and multi level. Thinking about it makes my mind spin. My main interests were women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and also facial/bath products.

1. Pacific Place: Our hotel actually occupied the upper levels of the same building. I could get to the mall simply by taking the lobby elevator down a couple of floors. We walked through the mall daily to get to the subway. My focus was primarily on clothing/stores that were not available to me in the US. The Pacific Place website has a directory with all stores http://www.pacificplace.com.hk. All of your mainstream luxury brands were available including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Celine, Fendi, and Gucci. For women’s clothing, they have Whistles London, Sandro, Cos, iBlues, etc. They also have the luxury department store Harvey Nichols. I thought this mall was very nice and high end. That being said, I think that going to some of the other stops listed below will encompass everything available here and even more.

2. Causeway Bay: Take the subway to Causeway Bay. As you can see from the photo, these malls are just massive. This mall also had very similar stores to Pacific Place. The Lane Crawford department store is nice on the entry level. I got a very unique shirt here. At this mall, they have an Italian company Harmont and Blaine. They have great men’s clothing. There were some unique prints and fabrics that I really liked. They also carry women’s clothing, but it wasn’t particularly my style. In the area just immediately around Causeway Bay, there are many additional shops. One of my absolute favorites was MO & Co. I went into two of their stores. They have super cute, stylish clothing and slightly more affordable prices. Everything was high quality, and I have received many compliments on their clothing in the US. Also in the immediate area is Sogo Department Store. This was an experience. I read about Sogo prior to arriving in Hong Kong as being one of their main department stores. The week that we were in HK they were having something called thankful week. Just about everything was on sale. The cosmetics floor was on floor one. It was so packed with people, you had to fight your way through the crowd. I purchased some Longchamp leather bags here at an amazing discount and also a couple of clothing items. The men’s clothing sale was fantastic as well.

3. Harbour City: Just when I thought I was overwhelmed by the other places we went, we began the next morning at Harbour City. This has to be the largest mall I have ever been in. I started to see a pattern repeating itself of the same stores over again in Causeway Bay and Pacific Place. Harbour City I felt had a lot to offer. Joy and Peace was a cute shoe store. I bought two pairs here, a heeled boot and a great everyday flat. I have worn them frequently since purchase and both pairs are very comfortable and fashionable. Liberty Market had cute clothing especially trendy sweats and jackets. Another thing that I liked was all of the skin and bath products. Skinceuticals has a store here. I purchased their broad spectrum SPF and Vitamin C serum. It is nice to see and try the products vs blindly ordering online. Innisfree is another bath/cosmetic store with inexpensive lotions, skin care, and makeup. I purchased several things here including face masks and Green Tea Mist. One could easily spend the entire day in Harbour City. There are countless dining options to accompany the many stores. This mall was one of my favorites.

4. Hysan Place: This is a much smaller mall as compared to those listed above. It was fantastic. The selection of stores here really peaked my interest. There is another MO& Co. store in this mall. The location is a little smaller, but they did carry some different clothing than their other store. Solitude is another women’s clothing store just adjacent to MO& Co. It was fantastic! Prices were more affordable and the pieces were truly unique. Very happy with all of my purchases here. Finally, there was a large store with a department store feel that had what seemed to be more up and coming designers showcasing their clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. in one venue. The up escalator took us directly inside to this store. I really enjoyed browsing here. With a little more time and not being rushed, I could have easily purchased several things. Despite the small size, this mall was one of the best for my interests and wants. Just outside the mall itself, there was another innisfree location. Returning to the US, I started to see innisfree products showing up in big retailers like Sephora.

5. Kapok: Kapok was an independent store that I really enjoyed visiting. They have two storefronts and the locations were close to our hotel. Both are small and house a variety of designers. The first store had a small rack of women’s clothing along with purses, shoes, and jewelry. Here, I purchased several bracelets and a pair of earrings I really love and wear all the time. I also bought a small clutch in a lavender color. After this store, one of the employees walked us to their other location. Here, I purchased a perfume/cologne. The scents were very unique. I liked the first store better, but a visit to both is worthwhile in my opinion.

The next time I return to Hong Kong, I would start with Harbour City and Hysan Place first. I would also return to Kapok. There are countless shopping options we did not get the chance to explore. I would try new locations over returning to Pacific Place and Causeway Bay.

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