cocktails in amsterdam

Cocktails in Amsterdam

Amsterdam holds an abundance of craft cocktail options. Even if craft cocktails aren’t your jam, there is still a lot of fun to be had exploring these charming sights. As you may now realize, I love craft cocktails and can be rather picky. In all honesty, I would recommend any of the bars below without hesitation. Let us discuss some of the choices and my favorites!

1. Tales & Spirits. This was definitely one of my favorite bars in Amsterdam. There is more to it than just craft cocktails at this establishment. Where Tales & Spirits is different lies in their presentation. These cocktails literally do “tell a tale.” Your drink will arrive in a variety of fashions and each is unique. Fortunately or unfortunately, the first drink I tried was so good I didn’t branch out for something different on my second round. It arrived in a gift box just like a box full of chocolates, and it turned out to be the perfect dessert drink. Another drink I tried a sip of was served on an easel with different “paints” available to add to the drink to change the flavor. So unique! They do have some house rules if you visit and they are posted online. If you can’t make the trip, check our their menu online and whip something up at home.

2. Door 74. This speakeasy bar is very low key and could be difficult to find on the street for the untrained eye. I recommend making a reservation and they will have a table waiting for you. The inside is dark and intimate. The menu is lengthy, but one fantastic aspect is what the menu showcases. You can see how your drink will be served, so it does take away a little element of surprise. Personally, I liked this. I do not enjoy ordering something imaging it will come in a lovely cocktail coupe with no ice and receiving a tall glass full of ice. My drink came in a very interesting half egg glass. It was like nothing I have ever seen and tasted wonderful.

3. Pulitzer’s Bar. The Pulitzer Hotel is absolutely gorgeous, so it is easy to see why this bar provides a great atmosphere for drinks. Their cocktails certainly do not disappoint. I enjoyed an afternoon drink, but this would also be a great spot for a night cap. The quality and presentation of the drinks is top notch. This whim decision to stop in for a drink turned out to be a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.

4. Bar TwentySeven. This bar is located within Hotel TwentySeven. You will take the elevator to the top floor and immediately find the opulent decor that greets you very showy. The atmosphere is over the top in a good way. The design and decor clearly had thought behind it. While we were making a decision about what cocktail to choose, I was a bit worried that the quality of the drinks wouldn’t match the flashiness of the bar. And, there were only two other guests inside, which made me slightly nervous. I actually turned out to be quite wrong. The cocktail I tried here was decadent. After already enjoying so many great places, the tasty cocktails in Amsterdam just kept coming.

5. Rosalia’s Menagerie. This spot was actually recommended by Peter from Kamer01. It is a little difficult to spot from the street similar to Door 74. We walked by a couple of times and finally were able to spot it. The inside is quite cozy and quaint with a few chairs at the bar and some eclectic and funky seating areas. The inside is filled with pleasant colors and florals. We looked over the menu for our first drink, and I discovered it was filled with some novel ideas. My first drink was good, but it wasn’t quite the taste I was hoping for. I tried ingredients I wasn’t familiar with for this pick, so it was a bit risky. My next drink was different and equally distinctive. The bartender here was incredibly friendly and skilled. He allowed us to sample some liquors we have never tried before. The experience was more personal here, and he was up for making anything off menu based off of your tastes.

6. Wynand Fockink. I just had to throw this on at the end. This isn’t actually a craft cocktail bar. But, it does involve sampling alcohol and a distinguished atmosphere. It is a tasting room with a lot of character and an adjoining liquor store. We walked in and it was quite crowded. After a short wait, we were at the front of the bar. There are no seats and standing area only for groups. The bartender asks your preferences and then allows you to sample different liqueurs and genevers. Genever is essentially Dutch gin to describe it in a nutshell. Following a few samples in these quite cute tulip glasses, they will ask you if you would like to purchase a drink. We did so and then stood back and took in the ambience. This was a really fun experience. I definitely recommend.

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