Best restaurants in santa fe

Best Restaurants Santa Fe

The restaurant scene in Santa Fe did not disappoint. I want to share a quick recap of each place to help guide you in your dining choices. Here is a review of the restaurants I tried on my short trip!

1. Geronimo. This restaurant was a short Uber ride from the main square. We did have a reservation for our Friday night meal. The atmosphere inside is simple, yet elegant. It felt more on the formal side versus casual. They offer a selection of cocktails and a wine list. I started with a cocktail and then moved on to a bottle of red. The vegetarian tasting menu appealed to me the most with the endive salad, mushroom & sherry bisque, and the risotto. I was able to substitute the lemon crepe for the flourless German chocolate cake. The meal was great and so much food. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation.

2. Sazon. This is a Latin American restaurant with tasty speciality cocktails. I knew we were in for a great evening after they brought their small corn tortillas with different mole sauces along with our first round of cocktails. Normally, I am not much of a mole fan. But, after trying their tasting of sauces, my mindset began to shirt. My cocktail was just to my liking. I tried the Diego Rivera and was not disappointed. We had a fantastic appetizer and then the Sopa de Amor. This soup was ridiculously good. You cannot skip this menu item. As I was not very hungry, I just had a salad for my main course. They do offer the option of a degustacion menu with two seatings per night. On a future visit to Santa Fe, I would love to return and try the tasting menu here.

3. Paper Dosa. This is a casual Indian restaurant. We walked in without a reservation and did not have to wait for a table. They serve South Indian Cuisine with beer and wine options. I thought this was wonderful for enjoying a laid back dinner.

4. The Shed. I think that this is a great spot for a leisurely lunch. The place was packed, and we did have to wait for a table. They served up great margaritas and your standard Mexican food. You will get a lively atmosphere and a good time.

5. The Compound. This restaurant was definitely more on the formal/stuffy side. I started out with a cocktail. Their options weren’t anything too innovative, but I thought that my drink was decent. My starter was not anything remarkable. I had the chicken breast as my entree. Despite my thoughts that chicken never really ends up being that impressive, I went ahead and ordered it anyway. I thought it was good, but nothing extraordinary.

6. Izanami. This is the restaurant at Ten Thousand Waves. See my review of Ten Thousand Waves for more on our meal here.

On a return visit to Santa Fe, I would definitely be interested in returning to Geronimo and Sazon. Izanami was good, but I would only make the trip if I was planning on staying or visiting the spa at Ten Thousand Waves. The other restaurants I am happy to have tried, but I do not feel a need to go back.

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