Alaska Packing List

Maybe I am the only one with trouble packing? I often wonder this. It can be a struggle. Here are some items that I thought were essential on my trip to Alaska. I also included things that I did not bring that I wish were with me. Some of these pieces may be obvious to some, but it is always nice to have a checklist. I find it helpful to have travel size versions of toiletries and duplicates of certain things like makeup, toothbrush, etc. That way you don’t have to throw important things into your bag last minute that could get left behind.

  1. Layered clothing. Bringing layers that you can take on and off is extremely beneficial for temperature variations. Along with this, wearing loose clothing can help avoid some mosquitos bites. Mosquitos can definitely still get you through yoga pants!
  2. Waterproof jacket. It rained on and off several days of my trip. The rain never ruined the day, but it can be a pretty extensive downpour. I used my waterproof jacket multiple times.
  3. Sunglasses.
  4. Hat. I brought both a baseball cap and a beanie. Even during the summer months, I utilized both.
  5. Gloves. Gloves were helpful on hikes to keep mosquitos off my hands and also due to temperature variations.
  6. Bear Spray. If you intent to do any hiking, bring bear spray with you or buy some once you arrive in Alaska.
  7. Bug Spray. Although I feel it was far from the perfect solution, it is better to have bug spray than to not. Regardless of the brand, it may be wise to bring large ziplock bags or packing cubes to store clothing that has been sprayed. The smell transfered to my other clothing. This would also allow you to keep dirty clothing separate.
  8. Mosquito net. I never thought a face net would be necessary until I spent a day in Denali. After doing a 5 hours hike, this net was my best friend.
  9. Binoculars. If you are going into Denali, binoculars are great for animal sightings. I was one of the few that did not bring any on the bus ride into Denali. Sheep Mountain Lodge did provide a pair in the cabin during your stay, which was nice.
  10. Camera. If you are a photographer, this is the place to bring all of your camera equipment. I have a Nikon, but for ease, I typically take almost all of my photos on my iphone. This is one place that I wish I had my Nikon.
  11. Drone. Again, if you have a drone, this is an easy place to fly it. There are wide open spaces with beauty everywhere.
  12. Sunscreen. Aside from sunscreen for your body, don’t forget a lip protectant that contains SPF.
  13. Bear bell. I brought a bear bell for hikes and played music on my iphone. I did not see any bears during hiking, but it was comforting to have everything I needed. The Seward Windsong Lodge did report bear sightings on their property close to the dates of my stay.
  14. Backpack. This is the first time I used my Cotopaxi backpack. I like the look of their products. The backpack was comfortable for the short distances that I hiked. I did not use it for any longer than a 5 hour day hike.
  15. Hiking boots. I now have two pairs of La Sportiva hiking boots. They are very comfortable, and I have never felt like my feet hurt even while hiking miles in Peru.
  16. Blister protection. I like to bring moleskin just as a backup for any blisters that develop on trips related to any of the shoes that I wear.
  17. Lip and hand protection. My lips seemed very chapped the entire trip. I was reapplying several times throughout the day. Also, my hands were very dry. A travel size lotion is a great idea.
  18. Hiking socks. Darn Tough is the brand that I like for hiking.
  19. Memory cards. My fear is filling up a memory card or not bringing the card in my device. I always double check!
  20. Selfie stick and lighting.
  21. Download maps and screenshot milepost. Cellular service can be very spotty, so it is nice to download maps or have screenshots of the milepost available during your drive.
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